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Iceman Corporation Chongqing China was established in 1956 in Japan. We are specialized in ice making machinery development, research and manufacturing. 

For nearly 50 years, our company has been regarded as one of the best enterprises of refrigeration equipment manufacturing in the world and we have users all over Japan and Korea. As China has entered WTO and a huge market is open to the outside world, our company decided to come to China. In November 2004, our company started our joint venture in Chongqing City, China. We boast 50 years' experience of world's most advanced refrigeration technology. Our product serials include flake ice machines, plate ice machines, tube ice machines, cube ice machine storage systems, and complete sets of ice-making equipment. 

History of our company: 
March, 1956: Foundation of company, compressor unit sales as prime business 
September, 1990: Developed/produced flake ice machine 
July, 1995: Developed/produced seawater ice machine for ships 
October, 1996: Developed/produced plate ice machine 
August, 1996: Developed/produced caterpillar-type automatic discharge ice storage 
May, 1995: Produced machine with capability to make 50MT/day of flake ice for ski slopes 
March, 1998: Produced machine with capability to make 150MT /day of plate ice for ski slopes 
February, 2002: Developed/produced even more highly efficient seawater ice machines 
Feb, 2004: Developed highly-condensed ozone sanitized ice machines 
November, 2004: Founded China-Japan joint venture, Iceman Corporation Chongqing China for the manufacture of ice-production systems 
February, 2005: Began production of flake ice machines in Chongqing 
August, 2005: the Chongqing factory launched the first flake ice machine into the market 

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