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Plate ice making machine

    PI model plate ice machine is subject to strict process management covering all stage of manufacture from assembly to testing and inspection at factory.As plate ice is produced by being passed through a crusher,it is easily handled,and apporpriate for avariety of industrial applications.It is irregular shape ,while being hard,translucent and dry with dense size 4-30cm.The average size of plate ice is 4mm*4mm-50mm*50mm    

  Compressor motor power is a reference value at the condition of water supply temperature 16ºC,evaporation temperature -20ºC,condensation temperature 40ªC,and 50HZ power supply.

Model Capacity(ton/day) Compressor motor power(kw) Installation power(kw) Net Weight(kg)
PI-3 3 15.15 22.5 1960
PI-5 5 18.9 28.5 3160
PI-8 8 30.15 45.5 3400
PI-100 10 37.8 55.5 3800
PI-150 15 45.1 68 4500
PI-200 20 49.1 75.5 5400
PI-250 25 69.1 95.5 5800
PI-300 30 80.9 120.5 6400
PI-400 40 96 145.2 6700
PI-500 50 118 170.5 7200


Configuration explanation:

1.Actual ice-making capacity differs with water temperature,environment and compressor motor power.

2.Standard power supply 380V/59HZ,if neccessary,wich can also be changed into 3p/60HZ 200V,220v ,400v 440v according to requirements.

3.This type is made for fresh water.Dedicated saltwater models are required if salt concentration exceeds 200ppm.

4.This machine is designed for indoor omstallation.Contact us for information on models designed for outdoor use.

5.The evaporator is of direct expansion type.The standard evaporation temperature for the R-22 is set at -15ºC.

6.Ammonia may be used as refigreant if required.Please contact us in advance


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